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TitleACBF Training Programme on Capacity Development in Africa
AuthorThoto, Frejus
Date of Publication20170912
Number of Pages11
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsCapacity Development, Resource mobilization, Partnerships
AbstractLearning from its experience and responding to the request from its clients, ACBF has included in its new Strategy 2017-2021, a training program that would offer training, mostly short term courses, on capacity development. After 26 years of capacity building in Africa, ACBF has accumulated valuable knowledge and know-how that could be transmitted through short and long-term trainings. This is also in response to the recommendations that many studies done by ACBF and other development institutions have made with regard to building the requisite skills for African’s sustainable and accelerated socio-economic transformation. Therefore, ACBF is preparing to launch the “Training on Capacity Development in Africa” Program that will serve as a learning platform for African professionals in acquiring targeted and applicable skills in areas pertinent to Africa’s transformation. The program is also in line with ACBF new business model to offer demand-driven capacity development services while reaffirming the position and leadership of the Foundation as the go-to-institution for capacity building in Africa.
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