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Situational analysis of climate adaptation in Africa: Opportunities for Capacity Development.


The main objective of this study was to conduct a “Scoping and Mapping of Climate Change Adaptation Institutions in Africa”. The analysis was commissioned as part of a five-year project on “Strengthening African Leadership for Climate Adaptation (SALCA)” by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). The study mapped and profiled key climate adaptation and resilience actors and their roles in sub-Saharan Africa, including identifying actors in climate adaptation in the agricultural sector.

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Coordination challenges and opportunities for climate adaptation in African agriculture


Climate change poses a major global threat, particularly for agriculture, and this knowledge product delves into the context of climate adaptation in African agriculture. It emphasizes the critical role of climate adaptation in safeguarding the sustainability of food systems and rural communities.

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Agenda 2063 Capacity
Capacity imperatives for the SDGS: In line with African Union's Agenda 2063

Publisher: ACBF

This report by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) analyzes the capacity dimensions and imperatives for achieving the SDGs within the context of Agenda 2063. This focus recognizes that capacity remains the critical missing link for fulflling the development agendas of most African countries. The objective of this report is to identify, map, and analyze the key capacity dimensions that are important to address and enhance national capabilities for implementing the SDGs in Africa. The exercise views the SDGs as a unique opportunity for governments to redirect investments in economic development, inclusive growth, and mechanisms to sustain achievements.

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Lessons Notes on Capacity Development in Africa

With close to three decades of capacity building on the continent, ACBF in collaboration with the World Bank, has conducted a series of policy oriented studies aimed at documenting the lessons learnt in capacity development interventions in selected strategic areas. This volume, therefore, tackles important questions including: what works, what doesn’t work in capacity development interventions and why?.

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ACR 2019 Report
Africa Capacity Report 2019: Fostering Transformative Leadership for Africa's Development

The Africa Capacity Report 2019 (ACR 2019), with Foreword authored by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and chair of the African Union until this January 2019, provides a snapshot of leadership capacity in Africa based on independent survey data from over 46 African countries. ACR 2019 addresses the capacity dimensions of transformative leadership both in public and private sectors. It looks at the major elements of transformative leadership in Africa..

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ACR REport 2019

Building Capacity in Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa’s Transformation.

The Africa Capacity Report provides the framework for science, technology, and innovation (STI) development by focusing on the capacity dimensions in Africa. In particular, it examines the status of STI, delving into initiatives, challenges, and capacity gaps for African countries, regional economic communities (RECs), the African Union (AU), and non-state actors to pursue STI-driven economic activities.

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