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TitleInfrastructure Development and Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Toward a framework for capacity enhancement
SubjectInfrastructure Development and Financing
Date of Publication2016
Number of Pages72 pages
Geographical CoverageSouth Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Africa
KeywordsCapacity Enhancement, Capacity Development, Poverty Alleviation, Agenda 2063, Infrastructure
AbstractOf the world’s developing regions, Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst infrastructure deficit, with studies pointing to lost growth opportunities. This study presents in one document information previously dispersed on the region’s infrastructure stock and modes of financing. It assesses infrastructure’s role in the region’s economic growth. It identifies specific capacity constraints that have hindered the private sector’s participation in infrastructure financing. And it suggests a framework for advancing institutional and human resource capacities to boost infrastructure financing. The authors first reviewed documents addressing the region’s infrastructure. They then conducted case studies of private sector involvement in infrastructure financing in Kenya, Mauritius, and South Africa. And, using the generalized method of moments (GMM), estimated an infrastructure-augmented growth model.
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