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TitleUsing Information Communication Technology (ICT) to Enhance Socio-Economic Development - Implications for capacity Development
AuthorGuvheya, Gibson; Léautier, Frannie A.
SubjectInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Date of Publication2011
Number of Pages30 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsCapacity Development, Technological Leapfrogging, Entrepreneurship, E-governance
AbstractA hallmark of the new globalization, the adoption of ICT — computers, mobile phones and broadband connectivity — is now a key determinant of international competitiveness, prosperity and living standards. Earlier apprehension has given way to optimism that developing countries can harness ICT to leapfrog expensive investment in 20th century telephony, power and transport infrastructure. This paper surveys the cumulative international experience on leveraging ICT for economic growth and poverty reduction through creating new businesses and expanding opportunities for the poor.
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