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TitleCapacity Building in Post-Conflict Countries in Africa: A Summary of Lessons of Experience from Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda
SubjectCapacity Development in Post-Conflict Countries
Date of Publication2004
Number of Pages26 pages
Geographical CoverageMozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda
KeywordsConflict Resolution, Paece and Security, Capacity Building, Post-Conflict Reconstruction
AbstractThe paper presents a Summary of a Report of a Study on Reconstruction and Capacity Building efforts in four Post-Conflict African Countries, namely, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda. The main objective of the study is to draw lessons that could provide a guide to policies, strategies and instruments for post-conflict capacity-building initiatives by the Foundation. The four country studies highlighted the fact that the root causes of conflicts are different in different countries at different times and that they require context-specific approaches to bring countries back onto the path of peace and development.
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