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TitleAfrica’s 2022 Growth Prospects: Poise under Post-Pandemic and Heightening Geopolitical Pressures
AuthorDr. Hippolyte Fofack
SubjectMacroeconomic, African Continental Free Trade Area,
Date of Publication2022
Number of Pages60
AbstractDespite the numerous, lingering negative effects of the pandemic — from global supply chain disruption and rising inflationary pressures to recurrent waves of COVID-19 infections and the emergence of threatening variants — the globalisation of growth resilience will emerge as one of the most important stories when economic historians reflect on this time. In a major and synchronised reversal, growth bounced back in 2021 in one of the strongest post-recession recoveries in decades.
ISBN/ISSN 978-92-95097-25-4
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File FormatPDF
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