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TitleACBF 2016 Annual Report
SubjectCapacity Development
Date of Publication2017
Number of Pages57
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsPartnerships, Human and institutional capacities, Knowledge Production and Dissemination, Policy Institute Committee, PIC, Strategic Studies Group Network, SSG, Knowledge Resource Centre, Learning and Innovations in Capacity Development
AbstractThe year 2016 marked the conclusion of the implementation of the third in the series of the African Capacity Building Foundation's Strategic Medium-Term Plan. The year also th marked the 25 anniversary of the Foundation, an event that was hosted by the Government of Zimbabwe. The event attracted more than 800 delegates, coming from governments, the development partners, business community, civil society, academia, as well as ACBF's former and current Executive Secretaries and former and current staff members, etc.). The Forum provided an opportunity for stakeholders to acknowledge ACBF's contribution to Africa's development, especially in supporting evidence-based policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.
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