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TitleFinancial Sector Development in the IGAD Region
AuthorAbdi, Ali I. ; Aragie, Emerta
SubjectFinancial Sector Development
Date of Publication2012
PublisherThe Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI)
Number of Pages39 pages
Geographical CoverageEthiopia
KeywordsFinancial Development and Growth, Monetary Policy, Banks and Banking, Regional Integration, IGAD, RECs, Horn of Africa
AbstractFinancial development and domestic capital formation are principal driving forces behind any country’s sustainable growth, and effective financial institutions are important facilitators. Financial institutions are the key channel between savings and investment, and their efficiency is a key determinant of a country’s economic growth. This strong positive relation between financial sector development and economic growth has been supported by theoretical and empirical studies. The countries with advanced economies exhibit well developed and mature financial systems and dual causality is postulated in economic literature.
Copyright HolderThe Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI)
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File FormatPDF
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