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TitleACBF 2003 Annual Report
SubjectCapacity Development
Date of Publication2004
Number of Pages96 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsPoverty Reduction Strategies, Regional Integration, Trade and Capacity Building in Africa
AbstractACBF took forward the implementation of its ambitious agenda in 2003. The Foundation sought to consolidate its operations by drawing on the change management processes within its precincts and by culling lessons from its experiences. During the year, the Foundation launched the second wave of project and program pipeline development efforts in the context of the expanded scope and scale of activities resulting from PACT. It also made its first attempt to develop country capacity profiles and country capacity-building programs. These activities led to the development of 17 full-fledged operations and the first emerging country program in the Foundation’s portfolio being developed in Rwanda. The 17 operations consisted of 5 refinanced projects in the Economic Policy Analysis and Management core competence area; 6 new national operations in two core competency areas (Strengthening and Monitoring of National Statistics; and Professionalization of the Voices of Civil Society and the Private Sector); 2 country-level knowledge networks; 3 regional interventions in the area of public administration and management as well as giving voice to civil society and private sector networks; and a Country Program. As at 31 December 2003, the Foundation had an active portfolio of operations, which consisted of 80 full-fledged projects and programs, 26 national focal points and 19 Secretariat Approved Funding Window (SAFEWIND) interventions. In addition, the Foundation was present in 36 African countries, had committed more than US$ 200 million to capacity building and had disbursed more than US$109 million.
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