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TitleBuilding Digital Financial Inclusion: A Decision Tree Approach
AuthorLiliana Rojas-Suarez and Alejandro Fiorito
Date of Publication2021
PublisherCenter for Global Development
Number of Pages7
AbstractFinancial inclusion is a crucial driver of economic development, and many countries are implementing ambitious strategies to increase their populations’ use of financial services, especially digital financial services. But the results are mixed, with impressive gains in some countries while others lag behind. A pressing question for policymakers is how to diagnose the country-specific root causes of the digital financial inclusion gap to adequately prioritize needed actions and reforms. A Decision Tree for Digital Financial Inclusion Policymaking is a comprehensive analytical framework to diagnose the factors significantly impeding improvements in digital financial inclusion in specific country settings. The methodology has been published as a CGD working paper and applied to five case studies: Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Pakistan.
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