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TitleAchievements and impacts: ACBF's Capacity Building Interventions in Africa (1991 -2016)
SubjectCapacity Development
Date of Publication2016
Number of Pages24 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsCapacity Policy formulation and Management, Capacity for Macroeconomic, Financial, and Debt Management, Capacity for Economic Policy Management and Public Sector Management, Parliamentary Oversight at National and Regional Levels, Enhancing Capabilities of Regional Economic Communities
AbstractThis booklet is part of ACBF’s effort to share knowledge and lessons of its capacity development interventions by highlighting success stories across the continent. It showcases excerpts from an extensive results-based assessment of the Foundation’s capacity investments across Africa at national, regional, and continental levels over the past 25 years, conducted by the African Evaluation Association.
Copyright HolderACBF
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