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TitleFarm subsidies, Unfair Trade Practices and the Prospects of Poverty Reduction in Africa: Options for the Continent
AuthorIyoha, Milton. A.
SubjectPoverty Reduction
Date of Publication2005
Number of Pages29 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsAgriculture, Trade
AbstractAt the dawn of the 21st century, Africa remains the poorest continent and continues to face monumental development challenges. According to the World Bank, excluding South Africa, the average income per person of African countries was only US$315 in 1997. Expressed in purchasing power parity, this means that Africa’s average real income was one-third less than that of South Asia, making Africa the poorest region in the world (World Bank 2000:7). Africa’s level of poverty and underdevelopment can be expressed in other forms.
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