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AuthorAfrican Community of Practice on Management for Development result at the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
Date of Publication2015
PublisherAfrican Community of Practice on Management for Development result at the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
Number of Pages10 pages
Geographical CoverageMauritius
KeywordsElections, Elections Violence, Militarization of political parties and election processes, Voting System
AbstractMauritius has the reputation of being ‘an island of success’ which continues to function as a successful, inclusive, responsive, and responsible democracy. This is because she has managed to avoid the practices that have undermined democratic progress in some countries in the region. Mauritius has established strong institutions for horizontal and vertical accountability. It has effective grievance handling mechanisms and it has promoted cultural and inter-ethnic cooperation through conscious and concerted efforts. The country uses cultural and ethnic diversity to stitch together Mauritian society rather than dividing and ruining itself, as is happening in several countries under the guise of decentralization or devolution. Mauritius created independent elections and boundary management commissions which are insulated from political interference and are not managed by civil servants. In the voting system, the elected representatives are voted by a maximum of three voters in general, and two voters in the constituency of Rodrigues. There are special seats for the best losers who because of their community affiliation will normally fail to get enough support. This system cannot be rated as the best in the world, but it creates ground for elected persons to be accepted across the board. No wonder elections in Mauritius have been free of violations or election related violence.
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