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TitleTogo Jobs Diagnostic: Confronting Challenges and Creating Opportunities for More Good Quality Jobs for All
AuthorKarlen, Raphaela; Rother, Friederike
Date of Publication2023
PublisherWorld Bank
Number of Pages122
AbstractGood quality jobs are key to accelerating poverty reduction and enhancing social cohesion in Togo. Following a decade of significant progress in reducing poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic and of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are likely to have reversed some of these gains in living standards, however. The creation of more good quality jobs plays a key role in any country’s poverty reduction efforts, and will be essential to recover from recent shocks and reinforce earlier gains made in Togo. International research also points to lack of economic opportunities and insufficient social services as key drivers of radicalization of young people. Security threats in the northern region of the country have been growing, with terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso close to the Togolese border increasing in number and severity since 2018, and a first attack reported on Togolese territory in November 2021 in the Savanes region. Access to good quality jobs with a stable income for young Togolese will thus also be part of the solution to the security threats.
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