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TitleAfrica Capacity No. 11 Jan-Mar 2017
SubjectCapacity Development
Date of Publication20171103
Number of Pages7
Geographical CoverageAfrica, Egypt
KeywordsDevelopment, Agenda 2063, African Union, ACBF-Afreximbank partnership, Africa Capacity Report Launch, Science, Technology and Innovation, STI, Callisto Enias Madavo, African Union’s SPECIALIZED AGENCY for CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT
AbstractThis edition of the Africa Capacity Bulletin by ACBF features articles on Egypt and the Gulf: New inroads sought for Africa’s capacity and development; ACBF-Afreximbank partnership to support Africa; Off the press: ACBF’s Reports on STI, Agenda 2063, Trilogy on Africa’s Capacity Imperatives for achieving Agenda 2063 and Tribute to Prof. Callisto Enias Madavo
Copyright HolderACBF
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