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TitleGETTING BETTER PERFORMANCE FROM THE PUBLIC SECTOR: Performance contracting in Kenya, Case
SubjectPublic Sector Reform - Kenya
Date of Publication2016023
PublisherAfrican Community of Practice on Management for Development result at the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
Number of Pages9 pages
Geographical CoverageKenya
KeywordsPerformance Contracting , Public Sector Transformation - Kenya
AbstractPerformance contracting—essentially, linking performance to reward, for individuals and institutions—can improve public service delivery. This paper documents Kenya’s experience in adopting performance contracting in its civil service and public corporations, and its contribution to effective public service delivery. It also shows challenges, lessons, and success factors in Kenya. Notably, sustaining performance gains derived from performance contracting is central to improving public sector service delivery, for which greater efforts must be made. Among the key findings: Difficulties in implementing performance contracting in state corporations stem from their failure to cascade the concept to individual employees. Performance contracting is, on the whole, valid and necessary. Its success is highly dependent on political will and focused leadership. Partnership, teamwork, and manager participation in the negotiating process and quarterly performance reports were also main factors in the success of performance contracts at public corporations. The main conclusions: Performance contracting can be a key element of the current public sector transformation strategy for achieving the long-term development goals of Kenya and many other African countries, especially as it has had a positive effect on employee performance in state corporations. The main recommendations: The government of Kenya may wish to consider:  Setting performance targets, ensuring that target setting is well organized and planned.  Expanding target setting to cover all areas of the organization and cascade the process to all employees of the organization.  Linking evaluation to an incentive system so that performance can be sustained.
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