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TitleIntroduction to Paperless Surveys or Electronic Data Collection
AuthorNzabonimba, Jean-Providence
SubjectElectronic Data Collection
Date of Publication2017
Number of Pages36
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsPaperless Surveys, Research Questionnaires, e-data collection, Mobile Data Collection, Mobile Data Collection for Development, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
AbstractIn an ICT-driven era where all socio-economic transactions have become digital, research and evaluation, i.e. data collection, have to catch up to avoid lagging behind in timely delivery of evidence and results. Electronic data collection for research and evaluation is the form of gathering data without using paper, without having to physically supervise data collection activities. It saves the environment, saves human and financial resources, ensures data quality in real-time and minimize human errors, whether intended or not. The whole world is going digital in most of development and humanitarian programme activities, ACBF like any other foundations and organizations, which are donor-dependent, have more reasons to opt for cost-effective methods to conduct research and evaluation, whether surveys, case studies, focus group discussions, just to name a few. The beginning of e-data collection may seem daunting for “techno-phobia” but the benefits are what every foundation, organization, and donor is looking for. Paperless survey tools have added new quality and efficiency dimension to survey design, such as skip logic, data validation, less cost and real-timeliness. New technologies, such as remote monitoring, satellite imagery, and GPS coordinates collection, provide additional tools for data collection, geo-locating, and identifying beneficiaries. Understanding these digital tools, how to design, deploy, and manage them, is necessary to maximize and add the value to data collection efforts.
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