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TitlePOLITICAL DUALISM IN GHANA under the Fourth Republic
SubjectPolitics - Ghana
Date of Publication2016051
PublisherAfrican Community of Practice on Management for Development result at the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
Number of Pages8 pages
Geographical CoverageGhana
KeywordsGovernance, Democracy, Political Dualism, Chieftaincy, Local Government
AbstractMost of Africa’s political systems are based on the traditional or indigenous form of governance, which evolved out of the history, tradition, and culture of the people; and on the European model of governance, which was imported with colonization. Ghana’s local governance system is also characterized by this political dualism where traditional chieftaincy and modern local government structure interact with each other in intriguing ways.
Copyright HolderAfrican Community of Practice (AfCoP)
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