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TitleWhite Paper COVID-19 & Other Epidemics Short- & Medium Term Respons
AuthorAfrican Union
SubjectCOVID 19
Date of Publication2020
PublisherAfrican Union
Number of Pages13 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsCOVID 19 Pandemic, AUDA-NEPAD
AbstractIn Africa, at the continental level, the African Union Commission through its Center for Disease Control developed a continent-wide strategy with two overarching goals of (i) Preventing severe illness and death from COVID-19 infection in Member States, and (ii) Minimizing social disruption and economic consequences of COVID-19 outbreaks. Such actions envisage that the Africa CDC (i) coordinates the efforts of Member States, African Union agencies, World Health Organization, and other partners to ensure synergy and minimize duplication; (ii) promote evidence-based public health practice for surveillance, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and control of COVID-19.
Copyright HolderAfrican Union
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