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AuthorRugumamu, Severine Prof.; Gbla, Osman, Dr.
SubjectPost-Conflict Reconstruction
Date of Publication2003
Number of Pages23 pages
Geographical CoverageUganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Africa
KeywordsPeace Building, CONFLICT AND CONFLICT MAPPING, Root Causes of Conflict, Costs of Conflict, Post-Conflict and Capacity Building, Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction
AbstractThe study sought to examine capacity-building experiences from four post-conflict African countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique and Sierra Leone. Liberia was dropped because of logistical problems. The main objective of the study was to draw conclusions and present recommendations that would provide a guide to policies, strategies and instruments for post-conflict capacity-building initiatives by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). In addition, the study aimed at contributing to an informed dialogue on the Foundation’s ability to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of societies rebuilding after the conflict. Arguably, the penultimate objective of the study was to consolidate, clarify and refine existing policies, procedures and practices in the post-conflict situations. The study took liberty to extend the mandate of the terms of reference by documenting brief histories of each conflict, and by going beyond the time frames not only to capture development dynamics over a long-term, but also to be able to draw variable lessons from experience for best practices over a relatively longer time span.
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