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TitleWhich Inequalities Matter for Africa's Sustained Growth and Poverty Reduction?
SubjectPoverty Reduction
Date of Publication20170811
Number of Pages78
Geographical CoverageSouth Africa, Cameroon
KeywordsPoverty Alleviation, Sustainable Development, Africa's Growth, Inequality, Capacity Building, Macro-Micro Comparative Analysis
AbstractThis paper produced by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) examines the growth, poverty, and inequality dynamics. The findings suggest that policy efforts should target class inequality, especially gender and age related. Among other recommendations, this paper suggests that countries like South Africa should shift focus from interracial inequality to inter-class inequality broadly, which is affecting its economic performance. The aim is to provoke discussion, encourage further investigation, and lay bare for action the critical capacity challenges at the center of Africa’s observed inequality.
Copyright HolderACBF
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