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TitleAfrica's Search for Regional Cooperation and Integration in the 21st Century
SubjectRegional Economic Integration and Development
Date of Publication2004
Number of Pages21 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
AbstractThis paper argues that if Europe needs economic and political integration for strength and prosperity, Africa needs it for survival. It calls for a fresh look at regional integration in Africa and notes that in various previous integration attempts in Africa, political leaders jealously guarded their sovereignty and were unwilling to transfer any of it to supra-national bodies, yet the transfer of authority to elected supra-national bodies has the potential of enhancing their ability to plan, strategize, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of collective projects and programs. The paper further expresses the view that to be successful, African sub-regional and regional integration arrangements need to embrace a knowledge-based development strategy. It concludes by noting that new and imaginative visions, long-term policies and predictable institutions will have to be created, developed and nurtured, if regional integration in Africa is to reach a new frontier.
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