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TitleAFRICAN TRADE REPORT 2018: Boosting Intra-African Trade: Implications of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement
Date of Publication2018
Number of Pages116
KeywordsAfCFTA, Trade
AbstractThe report provides an important insight on the potential benefits of the AfCFTA Agreement in terms of growth, diversification of sources of growth and exports, development of global value chain, but also in terms of integration of African countries into the global economy. In particular, the analysis carried out shows that a complete tariff removal coupled with significant reduction in nontariff barriers could lift economic growth and raise the volume of exports and imports while significantly improving the terms of trade across Africa. The Report also undertakes a review of policy options and measures that could ensure a successful implementation of the AfCFTA Agreement and enhance the bargaining power of African sovereign entities in international trade negotiations. In particular, it is argued that transcending institutional and non-tariff barriers associated with national constructs to embrace shared institutions will enable countries to draw on economies of scale to increase efficiency and competitiveness while internalizing the costs emanating from negative externalities.
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