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AuthorZimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU)
Date of Publication201610
PublisherZimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU)
Number of Pages60 pages
Geographical CoverageZimbabwe
KeywordsTRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT, Zimbabwean Minerals Sector Training Needs Assessment........, Knowledge/Skills Gap in the Minerals Industry, Knowledge and Capacity Needsin the Minerals Industry
AbstractThe Zimbabwe minerals sector tends to be knowledge-intensive and accordingly needs ‘priming’ through investment in human resource development and research & development. This study undertook an in-depth training needs assessment of all the key stakeholders and institutions, in the mineral sector with a view to understand the existing skill and knowledge gaps among key institutions and stakeholders. Literature review, workshops, extensive interviews and questionnaires were used to collect data across the value chain. The study was undertaken on the broad minerals industry whilst taking cognisance of thekey minerals deemed important. The importance was based on contribution to government revenue, export earnings, linkages with other sectors of the economy, poverty reduction, local and foreign investment and development of the country’s infrastructure. Such minerals include gold, platinum, diamonds, coal, nickel, iron ore, tin, slate, chrome and tantalite. Consultations were made from the following key institutions and stakeholders in the minerals sector: government departments; parastatals; tertiary institutions; private organisations; mining companies, among others. Ultimately the findings are envisaged to inform the design and implementation of comprehensive capacity building and training programmes in the sector
Copyright HolderZimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU)
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