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TitleAdoption of eGP in Africa
AuthorLaCascia, Hunt; Valentine, Justin; Mells, Travis; Surapaneni, Vineet; Flanagan, Kelly; Alcaide, Maria Delfina; Kramer, Michael
SubjectElectronic procurement
Date of Publication2023
PublisherWorld Bank
Number of Pages43
AbstractThe objective of this paper is to provide information on Electronic Government Procurement (eGP), a digital technology that can help public procurement organizations optimize spend, improve the performance of supplier markets, and minimize corruption in the procurement lifecycle. This paper aims to: Detail the impact of eGP on governance; Describe the preconditions that are required for successful eGP implementation; Provide country case studies that illustrate the benefits of eGP implementation; Review the progress of eGP adoption across Africa; Provide solutions and recommendations for countries that are interested in upgrading existing or introducing new eGP solutions and/or modules.
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