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TitleMindset Change for Transformation
AuthorNegash, Beruk; Yakobe, Patience
SubjectMindset Change
Date of Publication2016
Number of Pages29 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
AbstractThe answer to the question “why is Africa behind in development relative to other developed regions?” has complex and intertwined historical, cultural, political and social dimensions. Despite so many summits and declarations, initiatives and investments, Africa is still grappling with barriers like corruption, weak governance, poor infrastructure, poor investment climates, dysfunctional markets, questionable democracy, ethics, lack of transparency and accountability, which have made it very difficult for the continent to transform and attain its developmental goals. There is a strong recognition that building capacities in change and transformative qualities of nations could be the gateway to Africa’s transformation. ACBF envisages a process that engenders mindset transformation by having initiatives in place in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to a point where they are psychologically prepared and committed to act on the strategies for agenda 2063. This thought provoking session therefore seeks for a technical engagement on the extent to which mindset change could explain Africa's stunted developmental growth and to contextualize this discourse in the work of ACBF and its new Strategy for 2017-2021. The discussions will unpack the feasibility of a continental wide initiative to enhance change and transformative capacities through ACBF Championship.
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