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Title2023 Data for Social Impact Report - Accelerate Aspirations: Moving Together to Achieve Systems Change.
AuthorDanil Mikhailov, Ph.D. ,Ginger Zielinskie , Perry Hewitt, Uyi Stewart, Ph.D.
Subjectdata for social impact, purpose-driven data, data science methods
Date of Publication2023
Number of Pages68
AbstractData has the power to create high-impact interventions that are affordable and that drive resilience to combat our most significant global challenges. The Accelerate report recognizes this incredible potential and raises urgent questions about the purpose and practice of this nascent field and the people it will require to keep it all moving. The Accelerate report surveys the current state of data for social impact through interviews, quantitative findings from’s Data Maturity Assessment, and a comprehensive literature review. It culminates in critical next steps to advance the field. What you’ll find in the report:  • Synthesis of the collective progress to date in the global field of data for social impact  • Insight from purpose-driven data leaders and practitioners across the world • Three actionable recommendations to transform the field 
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