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TitleThe Potential Implications of the Entry of the new Republic of South Sudan into the EAC.
AuthorRUSUHUZWA, Thomas Kigabo Dr.
SubjectRegional Economic Integration and Development
PublisherAfrican Research and Resource Forum (ARRF)
Number of Pages34 pages
Geographical CoverageSouth Sudan
KeywordsNation and State Building, EAC, East African Community, Intra-regional Trade
AbstractThis paper assessed the potential implications of the Entry of the new Republic of South Sudan into the East African Community. The results of the analysis show that currently, South Sudan does not satisfy conditions to be admitted as a full member of EAC. It faces serious development and governance challenges and many observers assert that it will take many years to achieve a sustained economic growth in this country. In addition, to benefit from regional integration, South Sudan needs first to solve many problems including the building of good leadership, security, peace and condition for sustainable and inclusive growth and development. In addition, the admission of South Sudan would complicate the process leading up to the proposed EAC monetary union because the country is unlikely to satisfy the EAC convergence criteria.
Copyright HolderAfrican Research and Resource Forum (ARRF)
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