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TitleThe Africa Capacity Report ACR 2015: Capacity Imperatives for Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa
SubjectResource Mobilization, Capacity Development
Date of Publication2015
Number of Pages184 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsDomestic Resource Mobilization, Illicit Financial Flows, Agenda 2063, Africa Capacity Index 2015, Capital Flight, Tax Evasion, Tax Administration
AbstractThe Africa Capacity Report (ACR) 2015 sends a very clear message: with official development assistance to Africa diminishing, the continent will have to rely more on mobilizing domestic resources if it is to implement its development agenda. The ACR 2015 shows that this is possible, with a good number of African countries providing practical success stories based on strategies and initiatives that can easily be adapted to other countries. However, the capacity gaps to generate savings and taxes from domestic resources and allocate them to economically and socially productive activities remain glaring.
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