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TitleSocial Cash Transfers for the Poorest in Uganda
AuthorSennoga, Edward; Matovu, John M. ; Twimukye, Evarist
SubjectPoverty Reduction
Date of Publication38 pages
PublisherEconomic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)
Number of Pages38 pages
Geographical CoverageUganda
KeywordsCash Transfers
AbstractThis paper mainly focuses on the various ways through which a social cash transfer program can be designed and financed. We identify four types of households which are considered to be vulnerable to be targeted with cash transfers. This includes households with orphans, old individuals, young and labor constrained. Extending a cash transfer to these households would lead to less poverty over the simulation period. These programs which would be constrained to less than 0.5 percent of GDP would have a small impact on the overall economy. By increasing taxes to finance the program this would wipe out the potential benefits of the cash transfer program of reducing poverty.
Copyright HolderEconomic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)
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