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TitleFacing 2015: Anxieties over Elections, Stability and Democratisation in Burundi
AuthorMbabazi, Pamela; Omondi, George
Date of Publication2013
PublisherAfrican Research and Resource Forum (ARRF)
Geographical CoverageBurundi
KeywordsPeace and Security, Civil society, Democracy, Governance, East African Community
AbstractThe organisation of free and fair elections is generally seen as a key to any country’s political transition process. Elections are often seen as conferring legitimacy on the state and those exercising political power, but they are also seen as a moment of accountability of elected leaders and political participation of citizens. It has also become increasingly clear that, in reality, elections also entail potential risks and may induce instability. The “demonstration effect” of how the international community has handled challenging situations where elections have triggered instability on the continent potentially has an important impact on elections in Eastern African countries, which now have more or less uniform electoral cycles.
Copyright HolderAfrican Research and Resource Forum (ARRF)
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