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TitleACBF Knowledge & Learning draft Strategy
AuthorMunthali, Thomas C. Dr.
SubjectKnowledge Management and Learning
Date of Publication20171102
Number of Pages19 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsPartnerships and Alliances , Learning, Knowledge Management, Capacity Development, Knowledge Management Strategy
AbstractKnowledge and learning is at the core of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)’s mission and mandate as Africa’s premier capacity building institution and African Union’s Specialized Agency for capacity development. To fulfil this mandate, ACBF recognizes the importance of capturing, generating, sharing and applying knowledge and learning to support capacity development interventions for Africa’s socio-economic transformation, as stipulated in ACBF Strategy 2017-2021. With the adoption of the ACBF Strategy 2017-2021, the need arises to establish a strategic K&L framework that directly contributes to the Strategic Pillars, and aligns with the various key interventions proposed as part of the Strategy implementation plan. Through the implementation of the ACBF Knowledge and Learning Strategy, it is expected that a knowledge culture will be established and entrenched within the Foundation, with the view to successfully deliver on ACBF Strategy 2017-2021. It is against this background that a draft K&L Strategy has been developed, drawing on lessons learned from the last ACBF and K&L strategy implementation as well as feedback and suggestions from staff, ACBF networks, partners, clients and evaluations reports
Copyright HolderACBF
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