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TitleGreening Public Administration with GovTech - Embracing a Green Digital Transition: Guidance Note - Volume 1
AuthorWorld Bank
Date of Publication2023
PublisherWorld Bank
Number of Pages73
AbstractGovernments are increasingly seeking opportunities to leverage digital technologies to build a greener future. This guidance note provides useful advice to policy makers underlining adequate leadership and commitment are crucial to implement coordinated GovTech and Green policies. The climate change impacts of digitalization can provide the benefits of green digital service delivery, paperless administration, and the efficiency of integrated services for a reduction of the carbon footprint. The guidance note will focus on “greening Public Administration through GovTech” defined as GovTech policies, initiatives, and/or solutions that embrace environmental considerations by design, maximizing the green benefits and considering the potential negative impacts, for example through digitalization of government processes. This guidance note is centered around three main topics: (i) the green government process through digital solutions; (ii) greening digital service delivery; and (iii) identifying policy mechanisms to mainstream green digital approaches throughout government systems.
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