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TitleContemporary Issues In African Trade and Trade Finance
AuthorOramah, Benedict O. ; Dzene, Richman ; Kameni, Enga
SubjectTrade and Finance
Date of Publication2014
Number of Pages25 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsGrowth Market for Factoring, Factoring in Africa, Exchange rate policies, African Trade
AbstractThe Contemporary Issues in African Trade and Trade Finance (CIAT) is introduced by the Bank to provide a platform for staff of Afreximbank and other individuals knowledgeable in African trade and trade finance to publish articles in the areas of trade, trade finance and economic development in Africa. The CIAT publishes technical and non-technical papers. Edited by an Afreximbank team of editors, it also publishes relevant papers presented at conferences or seminars and those presented at the Bank’s internally organized Knowledge Sharing Sessions. The series covers topical issues on most recent developments in the African trade and trade finance markets, including trade and exchange rate policies and their implications for the development of African trade and trade finance; analyses of bilateral, multilateral and plurilateral trade issues and their implications for African trade and trade finance; analyses of major economic and trade-related developments in the global and African macroeconomic environments, studies on commodities/trade sectors and Africa’s global financial flows as they relate to the development of African trade and trade finance.
Copyright HolderAfreximbank
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ISBN/ISSN9789295097117, 24093688
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