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TitleHumanizing States and Economies in Africa: A Rough Road for Civil Society Capacity Building
SubjectCivil Society
Date of Publication2008
Number of Pages07 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica, Sub-Saharan Afarica
AbstractThis issue of Findings and Recommendations synthesizes the findings of a study that reviews state-civil society relations in Africa. The aim is to sharpen ACBF’s focus in strengthening the platform for partnership between the state and civil society in national development management processes. Conducted by the Knowledge Management Department of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and led by ACBF Technical Advisory Panel and Network on Professionalization of the Voices of Civil Society and the Private Sector (VOICENET), the study defines civil society as a concept, highlights the nature of the relation with the state across Africa, identifies challenges facing civil society organizations and their effectiveness, and provides pointers to entry points for effective capacity building interventions by ACBF and other partners.
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