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TitleLessons Notes on Capacity Development in Africa
SubjectCapacity Development
Date of Publication2018
Number of Pages208
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsBuilding Capacity in Public Sector Management, Capacity and Institutions for Policy Formulation and Analysis, Capacity challenges for regional integration, ACBF support to think tanks and policy institutes, ACBF support through knowledge products, Building Capacity in Africa's Conflict- Affected Countries, Building Capacity in Economic Policy Management in Africa
AbstractWith close to three decades of capacity building on the continent, ACBF in collaboration with the World Bank, has conducted a series of policy oriented studies aimed at documenting the lessons learnt in capacity development interventions in selected strategic areas. This volume, therefore, tackles important questions including: what works, what doesn’t work in capacity development interventions and why? What are the implementation bottlenecks facing countries? What critical factors need to be reconsidered and what initiatives should be undertaken to effectively and sustainably support the capacity development efforts on the continent? What results have these capacity building efforts produced for African citizens? Are there adaptable generic capacity building tools that have emerged from over a quarter century of ACBF engagement with African institutions and societies?
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