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TitleExpanding Legal Migration Pathways from Nigeria to Europe: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain
AuthorSamik Adhikari , Michael Clemens , Helen Dempster and Nkechi Linda Ekeator
Date of Publication2021
PublisherCenter for Global Development; World Bank
Number of Pages140
AbstractThe world is currently at a crossroads. Low- and mid¬dle-income countries such as Nigeria are seeing rapid growth in their working-age populations. Yet often, these increasingly educated and skilled young people cannot find meaningful work within their coun¬tries of origin, either because their skills are not well aligned to the needs of employers or because there is an absolute lack of roles available. This is creat¬ing emigration pressure, with many seeking oppor-tunities elsewhere, leading to fears of “brain drain” within countries of origin. At the same time, high-in¬come countries such as those in Europe are seeing rapid decreases in their working-age populations. Employers within these countries are facing signif¬icant skill shortages, which is reducing productivity and investment. Based on interviews with more than 100 stakeholders, this report applies the Center for Global Development’s (CGD) Global Skill Partnership model to the sectors of health care, construction, and ICT, designing partnerships between Nigeria and select countries of destination in Europe. It out¬lines how countries of destination looking to fill labor shortages can provide high-quality and industry-rel¬evant training to potential migrants and nonimmi¬grants within Nigeria, increasing the global stock of workers and contributing to “brain gain”.
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