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TitleUnderstanding the CostEffectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination in Ethiopia
AuthorAnthony McDonnell, Firmaye Bogale, Sabit Ababor, Eleanor Bergren, Yosef Gebreyohannes, Mark Jit, Francis Ruiz, Carl Pearson, Sergio Torres-Rueda, and Anna Vassall
Date of Publication2022
PublisherCenter for Global Development
Number of Pages6
AbstractCOVID-19 radically changed most people’s lives in 2020, including across Africa. In Ethiopia, the disruption started with school closing, and other restrictions soon followed. Despite these efforts to contain the virus, Ethiopia—like almost all countries—suffered significant health impacts. It has recorded seven thousand deaths by the end of April and likely many more that were not recorded. In 2021, vaccines offered a ray of hope, but early supplies were concentrated in high- and middle-income countries. Most low- and many lower-middle-income countries struggled to obtain doses, both because the vaccine were difficult to source and because they were expensive. The Ethiopian government spends on average about $23 per person per year on healthcare, so spending more than $10 per person to procure and distribute COVID-19 vaccines is a significant investment that requires careful consideration. To inform future decisions, we undertook a Health Technology Assessment to assess whether the vaccines offered good value for money for Ethiopia in 2021. We also looked at the best ways to distribute the vaccine and the effectiveness of targeting specific age groups.
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