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TitleIndustry Regulation in Botswana: Case Studies in Industry Governance, Implementation and Public Accountability
AuthorKaboyakgosi, Gape ; Sengwaketse, Margaret ; Balule, Tachilisa
Date of Publication2013
PublisherBotswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
Number of Pages114 pages
Geographical CoverageBotswana
KeywordsIndustry Regulation, Industry Governance, Public Accountability, Media Regulation
AbstractThese case studies on the media, the legal profession, the retirement funds and construction industries, reveal insights about using regulation. In Botswana, regulation is highly state centred, largely mimics competition, engenders multiple accountability measures, and emphasises consensus more than punishment. The result is a very, complex, often confusing policy environment. There is more interdependence between government, regulators and industry, as policy resources like finance, formal-legal authority, information, technical know-how, and political connections are fragmented between government and industry. Academics, industry professionals, students of government, the economy, law and business will all find this a very useful volume to understanding an increasingly important approach to managing Botswana’s public policy.
Copyright HolderBotswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
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File FormatPDF
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