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TitleGender Budgeting in Africa - South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda as Emerging Best Practice Countries
Date of Publication2008
Number of Pages04 pages
Geographical CoverageRwanda, Uganda, South Africa
KeywordsGender Equality, Gender mainstreaming
AbstractAs part of its intervention in capacity building, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) builds capacity to strengthen the implementation of gender equality and women empowerment programs in Africa. One aspect of the Foundation's support is in engendering national budgets. This issue of Findings and Recommendations presents some guideposts from a study conducted by ACBF Knowledge Management Department. Led by the Chair of ACBF Technical Advisory Panel and Network on Professionalization of the Voices of Civil Society and the Private Sector (VOICENET), Dr. Gloria Braxton, the study examines the practice of gender budgeting in Africa, identifies emerging best-practice countries and recommends steps for developing necessary capacity for engendering national budgets on the Continent. Since the 1990s, gender budgeting has gained growing impetus as a tool for development management. The concept is defined variously. The most widely used definition of gender budgeting however incorporates the need for developing sensitivity in those processes and tools aimed at facilitating an assessment of the gendered impact of government policies and programs. This is not to imply that there are separate budgets for women and men. It simply points to the need to analyze government’s mainstream budget according to its impact on women and men, and on different groups, with particular attention being paid to gender relations. Hence, an engendered budget is an effective tool for advancing gender issues and a benchmark against which government may be held accountable for their performances in achieving gender equality in all sectors of society.
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