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TitleMaking the most of natural advantages:Intellectual property and natural products in Botswana
AuthorBennett, B; Chilume, Y.
SubjectNatural Resources
Date of Publication2012
PublisherBotswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
Number of Pages108 pages
Geographical CoverageBotswana
KeywordsIntellectual property, Indigenous plants, Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge, Botswana Council of Non-governmental Organisations, Botswana Trade and Poverty Programme
Abstract This report came about as a result of the desire of Botswana non-state actors to understand the issues surrounding the management of the intellectual property associated with their biodiversity, particularly natural products such as indigenous plants. The purpose of this research was to work towards the development of an intellectual property regime for indigenous plants (and potentially other natural resources) in Botswana that promotes investment in the development of new products whilst protecting the in situ natural resource and ensuring full and equitable compensation for intellectual property. This was done through mapping the existing and needed intellectual property regime for indigenous plants.
Copyright HolderBotswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
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