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TitleMANAGING FOR AGRICULTURAL RESULTS Managing Farmer - Herder Conflicts in Tanzania
Date of Publication2017075
PublisherAfrican Community of Practice on Management for Development result at the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
Number of Pages9 pages
Geographical CoverageTanzania
KeywordsLand and Agriculture in Tanzania, Conflict Resolution, Farmer–pastoralist conflicts
AbstractLand in Tanzania and much of Africa is a primary asset for survival and a major source of income and livelihoods for the rural population. It also carries spiritual values. Access to land resources therefore involves power and symbolic relations. The presence of conflict affects people’s economic incentives. Some sectors of activity flourish, while others suffer. This paper presents a case study on farmer–herder conflicts in Tanzania with the objective of establishing causes and best means to resolve them, including alternative approaches to conflict management. The work is anchored on the fact that there have been numerous efforts by the government to end the conflicts, but they have been escalating and are becoming economically and socially intolerable. Key findings: A desk review shows that major factors in the persistence of conflicts include policy contradictions, insecurity of land tenure, inadequacy of capacity of local institutions, corrupt practices, poor coordination in resettling migrants, inadequate capacity in village land use planning, and heavy-handed and non-inclusive approaches. The root cause is the lack of security of land tenure to smallholder farmers and herders who hold and use unsurveyed land that is liable for alienation, whether through acquisition or encroachment. Key recommendations: The paper recommends reviews of land policy to ensure security of land tenure. It also calls for capacity development organizations to build capacities of African states in aligning land and livestock policies and bylaws to avoid more conflicts.
Copyright HolderAfrican Community of Practice (AfCoP)
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