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TitleThe Role of Agriculture in Strengthening Regional Integration in Africa
AuthorSako, Soumana
Date of Publication2006
Number of Pages15 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsRegional Integration, Regional Cooperation, NEPAD
AbstractThe concern for regional integration in Africa predates independence. The period 1960-1980, however, witnessed the emergence of major regional integration schemes that pushed forward the Continent’s economic integration agenda. Post-independence regional economic integration and cooperation efforts resulted in a variety of initiatives with overlapping membership and mandates, making Africa the region with the highest density of economic integration and cooperation arrangements. Yet these arrangements failed to impact positively the Continent’s economic performance. Inadequate political will and commitment to the process; high incidence of conflicts and political instability; poor design and sequencing of regional integration arrangements; multiplicity of the schemes, an issue which was addressed by ACBF 2006 survey conducted at the behest of the Heads of States and Government of the NEPAD; inadequacy of funding and exclusion of key stakeholders from the regional integration process are factors accounting for the ineffectiveness.
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