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TitleGender Budgeting as a Tool for Poverty Reduction: Concepts, Practices and Capacity Implications
Date of Publication2009
Number of Pages187 pages
Geographical CoverageSouth Africa
KeywordsGender Budgeting, Women and Men, Gender Mainstreaming, CEDAW
AbstractThe book highlights the centrality of gender budgeting as a tool for improved transparency and accountability in the fight against inequity and poverty. Using the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) framework, it showcases national and sectoral gender budgeting experiences in three African countries - South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda - to serve as best-practice models for other African countries. The findings reveal that there is no specific template for gender budgeting and that all three countries studied are experiencing serious constraints in terms of implementation of policies and programs designed to promote gender equality in budgetary processes
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