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African Development Indicators (ADL) - World Bank
ADL provides comprehensive collection of data on the African economy. It contains data for over 1,400 indicators and time series from 1965 for 53 countries. Data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, infrastructure, governance, partnership, and environmental indicators. Africa Development Indicators Online is provides up-to-date data on Africa and it incorporates many useful features.
British Library for Development Studies (BLDS)
These are full-text copies of developing country research from the shelves of the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS). These publications have been made available online to a global audience through partnership agreements between BLDS and research institutes in Africa and Asia.
Business Monitor International
In addition to Business Reports, Business Monitor International (BMI) provides essential country risk analysis, business reports, full financial markets and industry research intelligence information that views, forecasts and incorporate key global macro and financial market views. BMI's flagship portal delivers weekly, monthly and quarterly reports alongside daily news analysis, data and ratings which gives an overview to manage risk, assess the validity of investment and opportunities across internationalmarkets.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE)
The Library of Economics and Liberty is dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets, and liberty. It offers a unique combination of resources for students, teachers, researchers, and aficionados of economic thought.
Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD)
Online access to the Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) is now available to ACBF staff. The Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) is a programme of the Association of the African Universities (AAU) to improve management and access to African scholarly work. Theses and dissertations represent a significant proportion of Africa.s research activity. However, access to this research output is not easy,even within theinstitutions where they are submitted.
Etudes economiques et sociales sur les pays en developpement.
Directory of Development Organizations
Lists of 53,800 development organizations
Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations
Maintained by the IMF and provides brief guides to regional economic organizations
EBSCO Host Database
The database contains articles in business, consumer health, general science, and multicultural periodicals, the majority of which are full text.
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)
This portal offers full-text access to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) country reports for all African countries. EIU country reports provide current, reliable in-depth analysis of political and economic trends in various countries. Areas covered include basic data; political structures; political outlook; political scenes; economic structures such as annual indicators and quarterly indicators; economic policy outlooks; economic forecasts; status of the domestic economy; foreign trade and payments.
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) EIU Global Forecasting Service
The Global Forecasting Service is a forecasting tool for the world economy. It predicts and explains the key issues and trends in important developed and emerging markets, spelling out their implications for business and the world economy over the next five years.
Electronic Journals Library
Access to online articles and scholarly journals.
A free online encyclopedia, features premier titles like The Columbia Encyclopedia, Oxford.s World Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of World Biography.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.
Global Development Finance - World Bank
Global Development Finance Online offers external debt and financial flow data for 129 countries that report public and publicly guaranteed debt to the World Bank.s Debtor Reporting System. Time series includes over 200 indicators from 1970 to 2017, where available. The database covers external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructuring, and scheduled debt service projections.
Global Economic Monitor - World Bank
This is a one-stop shop for analysis of current economic trends, economic and financial indicators, and links to related sites Global Economic Monitor (GEM) features up-to-date analysis of global economic conditions, including a daily brief and event-driven focus reports.
Google Scholar
Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, reprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Google Scholar is used to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web.
NGO Directory
Contains contact information on NGO.s in the world.
IMF - Balance of Payment Statistics
IMF - Direction of Trade Statistics
IMF E-Library
The International Monetary Fund publishes a vast amount of information on its own activities and policies, as well as on its 186 member countries. Most of the Fund's recent publications can be searched here and viewed in PDF format. The collection of books, periodicals, working papers, and country reports will continue to grow as both new material and older files are added.
IMF - Government Finance Statistics
IMF - International Financial Statistics
ITC (International Trade Centre)
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Papers
The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) provides well researched, peer reviewed economic papers.
OECD Digital Library
OECD e-resources include Periodicals, Books, Working Papers, Statistics and databases. OECD is renowned as one of the world's largest think-tank, for its authoritative, internationally comparable statistics, analysis, and outlooks in Economics, Public Policy, Social Sciences and Environmental issues.
OAIster is a union catalog of millions of records representing open access resources that was built by harvesting from open access collections worldwide using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). Today, OAIster includes more than 25 million records representing digital resources from more than 1,100 contributors.
Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
RePEc is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 70 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, journal articles and software components. All RePEc material is freely available. RePEc collaborates with the American Economic Association's EconLit database to provide content from leading universities' working paper series to EconLit.
Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics
This site provides access to electronic versions of Working Papers in Economics produced at Nordic academic departments and research organizations.
SOSIG: the Social Sciences Information Gateway
The Social Sciences Information Gateway is an online service providing you with access to reliable web resources for education and research, evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.
Detailed imports and exports statistics of close to 200 countries or areas.
Contains over 3 million time-series records on agriculture and food related areas.
UN - General Assembly
Website of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
UN - Millennium Development Goals
Website on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, including documentation and news.
UN - Millennium Development Goals Monitor
Information on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
UN - Treaty Series
Treaties and agreements reached between countries and the UN.
UNCTAD Digital Library
The digital library of UNCTAD.s publications enables interested readers to access references to the knowledge generated by the organization through its intergovernmental and expert meetings, as well as its analyses and research.
UN (United Nations) Research Institute for Social Development
Autonomous UN agency that carries out research on the social dimensions of contemporary problems affecting development. As an institution engaging in applied research in the field of social development, UNRISD's agenda reflects global trends, as well as the realities of countries in which it carries out research.
Special terms in all 6 languages of the UN. This database was compiled over the years in response to diverse and wide-ranging demands of United Nations language staff for terminology and nomenclature
UN Documentation Centre
Direct access to documents of the General Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat and Economic and Social Council.
World Bank Online Library
The World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank.s full-text collection of books, journals and other documents on social and economic development. It is a comprehensive collection that brings together a fully indexed and cross-searchable database of thousands of World Bank publications, as well as every new title as it becomes available in print. In addition, subscribers have access to information not available in print. The World Bank e-Library is fully searchable by subject, region, keyword, title, author, abstract, or year of publication.
World Development Indicators - World Bank
World Development Indicators contains statistical data for over 800 development indicators and time series data from 1960 for over 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators. World Development Indicators Online offers many useful features: results can be scaled, mapped, and charted. The mapping function allows users to see the results in a World map that can be resized and zoomed to the country level. Users may also choose their preferred language interface: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. These features, plus data export options in standard formats such as Excel, make WDI Online the most advanced and useful tool yet for researching developmental data.
WTO Resources Gateway
Provides access to the official documentation of the World Trade Organisation including legal texts and agreements, statistics, research and publications.
World Wide Web Resources in Economics (WebEc)
WebEc is an effort to categorize free information in economics on the World Wide Web.
WWW Virtual Library for International Affairs
This is an Internet directory with over 2000 annotated links to high-quality sources of information and analysis in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics. These sites are carefully selected for their long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, authoritative information and analysis online. Each website is described only in general terms because of the typically rapid changes in the details of its contents and features.

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