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ACR 2019

The Africa Capacity Report 2019 (ACR 2019), with Foreword authored by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and chair of the African Union until this January 2019, provides a snapshot of leadership capacity in Africa based on independent survey data from over 46 African countries. ACR 2019 addresses the capacity dimensions of transformative leadership both in public and private sectors. It looks at the major elements of transformative leadership in Africa, highlights the leadership capacity gaps related to achieving sustainable development on the continent, and identifies strategies for addressing them. Most importantly, ACR 2019 offers concrete recommendations for improving performance, combining both technical elements and the mindset changes that are necessary for success. Finally, the Report calls for increased investment in leadership capacity development at all levels, especially in government service.

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Agenda 2063 Capacity
African Critical Technical Skills: Key Capacity Dimensions Needed for the First 10 Years of Agenda 2063

Publisher: ACBF

This publication observes that the single biggest challenge to ownership of Africa’s development agenda and management of its key development programs is grounded in the issue of critical technical skill (CTS) in Africa. To achieve the vision of Agenda 2063, as well as Africa’s ideology and existential imperative to fulfill its destiny as a great continent of the future, it must own, use, and have faith in its own CTS professionals, trained and working to a world-class standard.


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Capacity Imperatives for Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa

ACBF in this volume, tackles important questions including: what works, what doesn’t work in capacity development interventions and why? What are the implementation bottlenecks facing countries? What critical factors need to be reconsidered and what initiatives should be undertaken to effectively and sustainably support the capacity development efforts on the continent? What results have these capacity building efforts produced for African citizens? Are there adaptable generic capacity building tools that have emerged from over a quarter century of ACBF engagement with African institutions and societies?

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ACR 2017 Report
Building Capacity in Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa’s Transformation.

The Africa Capacity Report provides the framework for science, technology, and innovation (STI) development by focusing on the capacity dimensions in Africa. In particular, it examines the status of STI, delving into initiatives, challenges, and capacity gaps for African countries, regional economic communities (RECs), the African Union (AU), and nonstate actors to pursue STI-driven economic activities. .

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AGO Report

Capacity Development for Agricultural Transformation and Food Security

The aim of this Occasional Paper produced by the African Capacity Building Foundation is to provoke evidence-based discussion, and encourage further investigation on the critical capacity challenges to be addressed to tackle youth unemployment in Africa. The paper assesses the causes and impacts of youth unemployment in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland...


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