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TitleThe ZIPAR Quarterly Issue 9: Buckle up for National Airline
Date of Publication201903
PublisherZambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)
Number of Pages28 pages
Geographical CoverageZambia
KeywordsAirline Transport, China-Zambia Relations, Urban Public Transport Reforms in Zambia
AbstractThis edition brings to you very interesting articles on a number of topics that have dominated the policy discourse in the past few months. Our cover story is on the widely debated re-establishment of a national airline. The former national airline graced the skies for the last time more than two decades ago before it was grounded due to various reasons among them financial mismanagement. The news of re-instating the national airline has been received with mixed feelings ranging from renewed hope to outright scepticism by stakeholders. Those who are hopeful believe a national airline is key to unlocking the potential of a number of sectors such as tourism. The sceptics have questioned the value of owning a national airline when most airlines in the Sub Saharan Africa are loss making and a burden to their treasury. Notwithstanding these mixed feelings, a national airline, Zambia Airways (2014) Ltd is taking off again. Thus, our lead article titled; “Buckle up for the National Airline” endeavours to provide some recommendations on what the airline should consider if wanting to stay afloat this time around.
Copyright HolderZambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)
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