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AuthorCheelo, Caesar; llunga, Chipampe M.
SubjectEmployment Creation
Date of Publication201807
PublisherZambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)
Number of Pages24 pages
Geographical CoverageZambia
KeywordsZambia Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme
AbstractAll around the world, labour employment is seen as a fundamental activity for earning incomes and securing livelihoods for people and families. Economies are therefore often preoccupied with the business of creating of jobs. They are also usually equally preoccupied with measuring and tracking the progress with which they create the jobs. This is largely done towards building an understanding about how to enhance the welfare of workers and their families. In Zambia, 42% of the total 2014 population – estimated at 15 million inhabitants – formed the labour force (CSO and MLSS, 2015). The unemployment rate – defined based on the Central Statistical Office (CSO) methodology applied at that time – stood at 7.4% of the labour force, implying a relatively high rate of employment (92.6% for formal and informal employment combined). However, only 16.1% of those employed held formal jobs or were formally employed
Copyright HolderZambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)
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