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TitleA Digest of OAU-AU Treaties, Conventions, and Agreements, 1963 to 2014
SubjectInternational Treaties
Date of Publication2015
Number of Pages152 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsInternational Conventions, International Agreements, African Union, Organization of African Unity, OAU, AU, African Union Instruments, International Relations, Diplomacy
AbstractThe preparation of this Digest was commissioned by the African Capacity Building Foundation to highlight the progress or otherwise in ratifying major treaties, conventions, and agreements of the Organisation of African Unity and its successor, the African Union. The aim is to stimulate thinking about the need to fast-track ratification to give momentum to the process of regional cooperation and regional integration, which the two organisations have, since 1963, set out to achieve. The digest includes all major instruments of the OAU and AU. Each of them has a brief summary of its main provisions and status of ratification.
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