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TitleMedia and Information Literacy, Informed Citizenship and Democratic Development in Africa: A Handbook for Media/Information Producers and Users
AuthorTettey, Wisdom J.
Date of PublicationAugust 2013
Number of Pages54 pages
Geographical CoverageAfrica
KeywordsDemocracy, Media and Information Literacy, Citizenship, Popular Culture
AbstractAt the heart of any successful democracy is the ability of citizens and state institutions to have access to accurate information, to freely express themselves, to contribute intelligently to public discourse, and to shape public policy on the basis of reliable information. As Wilson et al. (2011, p. 11) point out, "we live in a world where the quality of information we receive largely determines our choices and ensuing actions, including our capacity to enjoy fundamental freedoms and the ability for self-determination and development." In order to ensure that such an environment exists, various stakeholders, including state institutions, civil society organizations, and the family must facilitate access to appropriate and credible information and must not curtail the right of citizens to access that information or their right to express themselves. It is only when these conditions exist that we can enhance progressive change for the collective good.
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